1. Dermal Fillers

Our customers choose dermal fillers to enhance their facial features or gain a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are injections that plump up wrinkles smooth lines, and restore volume to your face. There are several types of dermal fillers. Our licensed and trained Goldfingers Aesthetics Lady Lake / Villages specialist can inject dermal fillers just under the skin in the areas around your eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks, or jawline. This common cosmetic procedure typically takes less than half an hour, and recovery time is minimal. Results are seen right away and can last months to years, depending on the type of filler and the location.

Our skilled professionals at Goldfingers Aesthetics Lady Lake / Villages have extensive experience working with dermal fillers and know how to produce natural-looking results. We use the Collection of RESTYLANE® and JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid and designed to diminish moderate to severe lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face and neck.

2. Neurotoxin Injectables

Neurotoxins, such as Botox and Dysport, are injectable solutions that temporarily block nerve receptors in the muscle, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles caused by repeated muscle activity such as squinting or frowning. Goldfingers Aesthetics is one of the Top Providers of Botox and Dysport in the United States. We treat over 3000 clients a year with cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Dysport. Our clients benefit from both experience and budget-friendly prices on this popular treatment.

3. Collagen boosters

Collagen boosters such as Sculptra® Aesthetic are powerful stimulators of deep collagen in the lower face and jawline. Sculptra® is injected in key spots on the face and works gradually to lift and contour the face. Successive treatments are typically recommended, and skin and collagen will continue to improve up to 6 months after your last treatment.

4. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a great way to shed sun-damaged and wrinkled layers of skin or reduce the appearance of hormonal skin changes. Chemical peels can be light or deep, such as a TCA chemical peel. At Goldfingers Aesthetics Lady Lake / Village, our team will evaluate your skin and advise on the appropriate chemical peel treatment for your skin type, condition, and goals.

5. Microneedling

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure for your skin that can help reduce the appearance of skin concerns such as acne scars, skin firmness, stretch marks, or wrinkles. Your provider uses thin needles to make tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. The damage stimulates your skin’s healing
process, so it produces more collagen elastin — proteins that keep your skin firm and smooth.

Most people get micro-needling on their face, but you can also get it on your legs, back, neck, or other areas where you notice damaged or aging skin. Multiple treatments are typically needed to achieve the desired results.

Procell MicroChanneling is a form of micro-needling. The Procell micro-channel device creates thousands of micro-channels in the skin that lead to the formation of new collagen, elastin, and other extracellular matrix components… Procell serums add growth factors to further stimulate new collagen and extra-cellular matrix deposition. These growth factors are derived from stem cells found in the human bone marrow. They promote more youthful skin and lead to quicker recovery times from the procedures.

6. Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for your skin. Your Goldfinger’s Aesthetics Lady Lake / Villages provider uses a special instrument to shave away the uppermost layers of your skin.

Dermaplaning can help reduce the appearance of acne scars or other skin imperfections by revealing newer, undamaged skin. It can make your skin look younger, though it doesn’t stop aging. Some people also get Dermaplaning for hair removal. This is only a temporary fix because your hair will
grow back.

7. Medical-Grade Skin Products

A major difference between products offered by licensed professionals as opposed to those offered in drugstores is that medical-grade skincare is under FDA regulation. They contain higher amounts of active ingredients, which usually means better results for your skin. In addition to having a higher active ingredient content, medical-grade skin care products have a purer form of that ingredient. Third, these products are supported by scientific research and are specifically formulated for the best results.

At Goldfingers Aesthetics Lady Lake / Villages, we offer SkinMedica, a professional-grade skincare line that was founded by physicians over twenty years ago. Every core product in the SkinMedica collection – from the HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator to the coveted TNS Advanced+ Serum is scientifically formulated to improve the look and feel of your skin.

8. UpNeeq

UpNeeq® is an FDA-approved eye-lifting drop that is used to treat blepharoptosis, a condition that causes a droopy eyelid over one or both eyes. Just one drop in each eye can temporarily improve droopy eyelids.

9. Latisse

Latisse® is an FDA-approved drug prescribed to lengthen, thicken, and darken eyelashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes. Since this is a prescription drug, Latisse should not be used by anyone other than the person to whom it was prescribed.

10. Permanent Make-Up

Permanent makeup is similar to a tattoo. Using a specially designed device, the pigment is inserted between your skin's epidermis and dermis layer. The results are semi-permanent, lasting several years, depending on the procedure.

With permanent make-up, you can restore shape and color to your brows, line your upper and/or lower lids, or, if you elect for a lip blush, you can have the perfect color on your lips 24/7 without worrying that it will wear off or smudge.

11. Lash Extensions

Unlike false eyelashes, where the strip or individual lashes are applied to the skin, lash extensions are attached to the lash itself; lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, faux mink, or silk fibers that are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes. At Goldfinger’s Aesthetics Lady Lake / Villages, we use a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate or damage the natural lash. The results are lush, dense lashes.

Our talented and experienced group of medical professionals and advanced skin therapists are pleased to design a customized program to help you achieve the results you desire within your time frame and within your budget. Our beautiful medspa is located in the Oaks Center on US Highway 441 in Lady Lake, Florida. Call now and schedule your complimentary consultation today: 407-775-4901 or 352-707-0707.

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