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Regarding breast augmentation, you deserve the expertise and skill of a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the artistry of achieving balance and beauty. Dr. Michael McClure, a renowned plastic surgeon, brings over a decade of surgical experience to Goldfingers Aesthetics, specializing in a wide range of aesthetic procedures, including breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation With Dr. Mcclure: A Personalized Experience For Each Patient

Dr. McClure is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a testament to his exceptional qualifications and commitment to delivering the highest standard of care. With extensive training and rigorous certification, you can trust that you are in capable hands when choosing Dr. McClure for your breast augmentation journey.

Dr. McClure's artistic eye is at the heart of his approach to plastic surgery. He strives to achieve results that are not only natural but also beautifully enhanced. Whether it's breast augmentation or facial aesthetics, his commitment to balance and harmony ensures you'll achieve results that align with your vision of beauty.

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Are You Considering Breast Augmentation?

Undergoing a breast augmentation procedure at Goldfingers Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery means embracing a journey toward an enhanced version of yourself. The procedure involves careful planning, meticulous execution, and an unwavering commitment to achieving the desired results.

The journey starts with understanding your personal goals for your figure. During your consultation, we will:

  • Listen attentively to your desires
  • Thoroughly assess your anatomy
  • Discuss your options to determine the ideal approach for your breast augmentation

Breast Surgery Before & After


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What to Expect From Your Breast Augmentation

At Goldfingers Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we understand that embarking on a surgical journey is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and preparation. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your surgical experience is smooth, comfortable, and rewarding. Here's what you can expect during your time with us:

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael McClure. This personalized meeting lets you discuss your goals, ask questions, and address concerns. Dr. McClure will thoroughly assess your unique anatomy and discuss the most suitable options for achieving your desired outcome.

Customized Treatment Plan

Based on your goals, preferences, and Dr. McClure's expert recommendations, a personalized treatment plan will be created. This plan outlines the surgical techniques, procedures, and post-operative care that align with your needs and aspirations.

Pre-Operative Preparation

Before your surgery, you will receive detailed instructions to help you prepare physically and mentally. These instructions may include guidelines on medications, alcohol and tobacco use, dietary considerations, and arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany you on the day of surgery.

Surgical Day

Our team will welcome you to our state-of-the-art facility on the day of your surgery, ensuring your comfort and answering any last-minute questions. Dr. McClure will review the treatment plan with you and address any concerns before proceeding.


Depending on the procedure, you may receive local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia to ensure comfort throughout the surgery. Board-certified anesthesiologists will oversee this aspect of your care to ensure your safety.

Surgical Excellence

Our surgical expertise comes into play as he meticulously performs the planned procedures. Our surgical team adheres to the highest standards of safety and precision, guided by years of experience and the latest techniques.

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Recovery After Breast Augmentation

After a successful breast augmentation procedure, it is essential to have a comprehensive recovery period to achieve the best results possible. Our team will provide you with the following to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery:

  • A clear understanding of the recovery process
  • Post-operative care instructions
  • Necessary follow-up appointments
  • Attentive care to help you through the recovery process

As your body heals, you will experience a gradual improvement in the appearance of your breasts. Swelling and discomfort will diminish over time, revealing your envisioned enhanced contours and fuller breasts.

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Why Entrust Your Breast Augmentation To An Expert Surgeon?

If you're looking for a breast augmentation procedure with unparalleled artistry, skill, and experience, then Dr. Michael McClure is the right choice. At Goldfingers Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, we are committed to providing you with a personalized care experience that aligns with your vision of beauty. By choosing us, you can rest assured that your breast augmentation journey will be performed with the utmost skill and commitment to quality.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started on your transformation journey!

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