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The Juvederm Collection of Fillers has many different filler options that target specific areas that patients may desire to have treated. The Juvederm Volux XC is another filler that we will now be offering at Goldfingers Aesthetics as a part of the Collection of Fillers that we currently offer. Our aim is to continually provide the best quality products that will keep our clients looking and feeling their absolute best.

What is Juvederm Volux XC?

The Juvederm Volux XC is an injectable gel filler that contains hyaluronic acid that contains a small amount of a local anesthetic called lidocaine. Juvederm Volux XC is used to target the jawline and provide a more defined appearance. 

How does Juvederm Volux XC work?

Juvederm Volux XC is injected into the jaw area using a very fine needle or cannula to improve the appearance of the jawline. The purpose of the filler is to add increased definition to the jaw where there may have been moderate to severe loss of jawline definition and create a smooth beautiful contour to that particular area. The injectable contains a small amount of lidocaine to make the injection process a little more comfortable than it would be without it. 

Normally, the Juvederm Volux XC is best suited for persons age 21 and over.

Want to know if you’re a good candidate for our Juvederm Volux XC? Well come into one of our 10 locations and book a consultation with one of our trained medical professionals. We look into your medical history and the area to be treated and discuss further the safest and most suitable option for you. However, if you have any severe allergies or allergies to lidocaine then this particular product will not work for you. In addition, if you have experienced previous issues with hyaluronic acid fillers then this product may not be suitable for you either.

During the procedure, your medical professional will examine the area being treated and apply any numbing agents if desired. The area being treated will then be thoroughly cleaned and prepared with alcohol or antiseptic and then the practitioner may use a pen to clearly mark out the areas being injected. To ensure comfortability, the practitioner will wait a few after making the first injection to allow the lidocaine to settle in and will then continue to inject the Juvederm Volux XC in small amounts into the area being injected until the desired appearance is achieved.

The lidocaine that is in the injection is used to subdue any discomfort that you may feel during the procedure. Additionally, in some cases if desired you can have an additional topical numbing agent applied to the area being injected to help with any pain as well.

In some cases at the injection site there may be a few common side effects experienced at the injection site. May experience some tenderness, redness, swelling, lumps, pain, bruising, itching and slight discoloration at the injection site. These side effects normally tend to clear on their own within two weeks of receiving the treatment.

After receiving treatment within the first 24 hours it is best to avoid strenuous exercise, direct exposure to sunlight and heat, and alcohol. Exposure to any of the aforementioned factors can lead to some of the side effects previously mentioned.

During your consultation your medical practitioner will determine the amount of treatments that you may need given the desired results that you would like to achieve. Studies have shown that 83% of persons tend to receive a touch up treatment 1 month after the initial treatment and then just simply get maintenance treatments every year to maintain the results.

The results will not last forever as the fillers are not permanent and require maintenance within a certain time frame as recommended by the medical professional.

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